Zoom Yoga & Meditation Classes

Continuing to connect and remain intimate with our breath, bodies and heart as we care for each other by working from home and social distancing remains vital to me, and I hope you as well.  In this spirit, I’ve begun to offer virtual yoga and meditation classes via Zoom in addition to our online $15 unlimted supscription.   I look forward to exploring this new path with you.  Feel free to share thoughts and feedback with me via email.


Zoom Yoga Recommendations

  • “Arrive” in the room a few minutes before the start of class to assure your computer settings and physical space are arranged appropriately.  The room will be open 5 minutes before class starts.

  • If you don’t have a yoga mat, most floors have enough traction for standing poses.  Have a towel or other soft surface handy for when we’re sitting/kneeling/laying on the ground.

  • Give a quick look around your space and move any nearby objects.  Lifting one leg from downward dog can especially lead us to bump into things in a new space, so try that one out.

  • Homemade props to have on hand are listed below.  These are all optional.    

  • 1) A strap – you can use a bathrobe belt, or similar item  

  •   2) Blocks – you can use large sturdy books    

  • 3) Blanket – you can use a bath towel or throw blanket    

  • 4) Chair – this can be helpful for standing balances, or perhaps we can even try a restorative pose or two with it!

  • Try to ask any cohabitors (people or animals alike) to allow you this time to refresh, recenter, and calm undisturbed

  • Technical aspects:    

  •  1) Please mute yourself on Zoom.  We’ll try out unmuting just for an om and chant during the first class. If there’s too much feedback, we’ll skip it going forward    

  •  2) It’s up to you if you would like to use video or not – just be mindful that all others, not just me, will be able to see you.  Seeing you can help guide my instructions.    

  • Let’s stay in touch on how to navigate this new space together, and see if other guidelines are needed.

Zoom Meditation Recommendations

  • “Arrive” in the room a few minutes early so we can all be settled to start on time.

  • The sessions will be automatically muted for all.  You can decide as you enter the Zoom room if you’d like to have you camera on or not.  It can be helpful for me to be able to see everyone’s posture to help guide tips I might give that are directly relevant to the group.  However, it’s also fine to prefer to have your camera off.

  • Please feel free to message any of us for helpful guidance and images for setting up your seat

  • At the end of the session, I will unmute, and those who remain in the Zoom room are free to ask questions either via audio or via the text feature.  This can include questions on technique, something you noticed about your experience, me checking your posture, or anything else.  This will be limited to 5 minutes.

REGISTER HERE https://www.tylrelax.com/ground-classes

Can't wait to see you there,

Trace and the TYL Team

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