Why is there resistance on healing?

We are always ok with feeling pain but not willing to open up to healing in ways that take work.

It takes time to heal old wounds yes, but while we are here on this planet we have time.

We can use the tools to connect to ourselves that were given to us at birth.

As a child, I was always frustrated and angry. I often felt something just not right. I can remember wanting to harm myself and others. Feelings of rejection, abandonment, and hurt became a predatory disease that didn't leave and came back up often for weeks, sometimes years. At that time I didn't know about communications and how to take out my frustrations on others without harming myself further. I projected my emotions and thoughts onto those closest to me. I was extremely lonely and in need of empathy and support. We, as humans, often hold onto past hurts, failures, anger, fear and regret. We may be blissfully unaware of the countless ways that we have used these tools of nature - and the gifts we have received from them - as personal weapons to harm others, or ourselves.

As I grew older feelings of compassion filled my thoughts and I realized that I wanted to heal.

I had a hole in my heart that my compassionate inner self would like to fill. I knew who I was meant to be and I focused my intent on being that person. I practiced a set of Buddhist techniques that help me find peace and inner connectedness. I felt that in order to make progress in connecting to my tome self I needed to make another person aware of my transformation. When someone is willing to love and nurture themselves enough to seek help, sometimes that is all that is needed to redirect the person's life. There are also currently some renewed practices emerging that focus heavily on meditation and focus on goal setting and goal planning.

Some years ago I took some tsime to deepen my spirtual practices because I wanted to take a closer look at what teachings and classes the healing world had to offer my best self.

Reiki has been my passion for years now. I have discovered that when you use Reiki in

combination with yoga and Meditation you learn to live in the moment. No longer do you look to the diagnosed limitations to wonder what a bike can do for your inside self. I think the meditation component is also significant. With a regular practice of meditation and yoga, all of the feelings and thoughts that are on the less important shield inside of you - between you and this place called Earth - begin to dissipate. It often times only takes one session to be able to see your children, your loved ones, and your present moment with peace.

My goal is to make the world a better place with my yoga and meditation practice.

We all deserve that. We will take a journey into a space of Oneness. Come with me, through the Oneness, I invite you to make that journey. Imagine taking a walk into a space where no one, nor any beings, exhibit anxiety, any dis-ease, any anger, any lack of love, or any lowers our vibration.

A space of pure Oneness for all.

May you find your path to healing. Your inner self.

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