Who are you when you’re lonely

Being lonely can bring up feelings of emptiness, insecurity, resentment, anger, frusteration, sadness, and an overall feeling of being unwanted. We begin searching for our purpose, and often question if we even have one. When we search and are unable to find our purpose we come to the conclusion that suffering within our existance IS our purpose. These emotions cause us to crave any sort of interaction, which often leads us in to an experience that is " readily available" but not not be fullfilling to our soul.

Showing up exactly as you are, validating the feelings that are effacing and sitting with them. Understand that the feelings attached to being lonely stem from years and years of feeling like we need someone else to validate us, another beings presense to show us that we are worthy and important. Why do we NOT find ourselves enough? In what ways can we begin to show up and aknowledge our own importance?

It all reroutes back to the big picture, by bringing our soul back in to alighnemnt. What is our purpos? What drives you to want to move, create, follow through with your plans? Getting out of that stuck feeling will free space to allow the flow of abundance, with abundance brings fullfillment coming from all directions. Generate Self- Worth, see yourself in higher light. Rediscover that you are so much more that having to be validated by someone else. Side Note: Understand that what you see on social media is not always reality, people share their shining moments more often that the dark moments. You are divine light too, and you are worth all of the love that you are yearning.

Ways that you can generate self worth-

Acknowledge where you are: Noticing exactly where you are, and give yourself permisson to feel the way you do.

Notice Negative Self-Talk: Shut the inner critic down by redirecting the thoughts in to something positive about yourself, or something that you are capable of creating.

Create a Personal Mantra: Repeat this mantra back to yourself in the moments of self doubt.

Journal: Get all of the thoughts out of your mind and on to paper. Don't over complicate this, make it something that is enjoyable and easy to grasp on to. Heres a link to some of my favorite journals if you need one that really connects. https://bit.ly/3cnwwpy

Make time for yourself everyday: Take care of the innermind! Meditation, exercise, swimming, golfing, fishing, sewing, knitting, crafting... The list goes on and on, whatever will get both yout brain and body happy.

ALWAYS SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF, and sometimes that means giving yourself grace during the confusing times in your life.

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