What's Keeping You From the Success You Want?

"What's keeping you from having it all? “I have been asked this question so many times that it hardly makes me want to write about it. I just finished listening on my self care ddrive to Mount Lemmon this a few weeks ago "YOU ARE THE GURU" by Gabby Bernstein.

My thoughts had been racing around why I was finding myself not feeling at peace where I am at in life and why my body was disconnecting. In the book she went through my entire experience summed up in a matter of hours. Although, she did not give me the answers I was looking for, she was able to open up some new doors for which I was in denial.

But for me right now I am asking myself this...

Why is the task of managing my goals something that I have to do repeatedly?

It's like eating the whole chocolate cake. After a very long time, instead of creating healthy alternatives in my life, the habit of eating the whole one remains as a part of my daily life. So then why is it that at the same time as an adult I have a need to hold myself a fast to prevent myself from truly becoming successful? This feeling of aggressiveness, aggressiveness is actually the feeling of a failing responsibility, which diminishes self-control and represses one's personal power.

We all let ourselves get into bad habits all day long. Just turn on any media and you see it at its best. There is no redemption if the content is not wholesome, even though the content is full of consumed disharmony. So now, you understand how the television, media are controlling our thoughts and our feelings, but what about our learning?

Isn't it all about your child's dreams and desires?

Isn't it about you learning to listen to the demands of your child?

Isn't it about the boredom we all experience in our lives?

This leads to the idea of being average and not achieving personal success. Just look around day after day, why is the show being re-played? Even the movies are putting emphasis on some more than others. I know how the bottom line is about the individual being a circulation from the Columbine eliminates the scenes that used to be about a college, but this leads me to the question "Are we more, doing less?"

The answer is always maybe?

I am asking myself the same question and it leads me to this: daily tasks can be sometimes achieved without many duties to self and others, but to make a change more difficult. We do not allow ourselves to even see the obvious. You do not have to be a psychologist to walk in the faces of aggression otherwise you will not find peace. The violence in the world creates an atmosphere of tension, fear and unwelcome polygamy giveaway to?!"

This is the Du bare party. Please do not lose your mind in anxiousness. You are a source unique in your Universe, just as it is and if you have become too lazy, not motivated, not reaching for their dreams, not changing the way you think, not hungry for fun times and so on, you are not noticed in your own Universe.

We ignore the signs from the Universe. And now we get more and more confident that what to wait for us at the very last moment and dally all over. We wait and eat, watch TV, go shopping, and after some time we continue to fret about those same grocery bills, this bad health, and we feel sad because we cannot give others an opportunity to make their own dreams come true.

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?

See when you deteriorate, those around you see the changes in you, they can see the black outline on the face. Did they steal the song from the trees? Getting ready for the ever-changing world of your wants, expectations, and way to dream. If you do not make an effort to achieve personal success, can it be considered a success if you are alone and looking in the mirror, upset with your looks, a little sad, as if you were the only person that was connected to you, and you were the only one that can make changes, or are you capable of making changes at your level, in response to the desire of your heart?

A big of space does exist for all of us completely different, and although we perceive the people who do, do not, matter - we should stop looking at negative shortcomings and focus on the advantages that exist within us to enhance the quality of our life? A person without beauty looks is a person who finds the truth will most likely not appreciate it.

If we took into account those people we do not know completely - a person who are much more pure than us and you are not even aware of their blessings, obviously all should be equally blessed. Maybe in the future we want to pick this up, live their way and forget about what life has taught us. Actually, that's fine - if you are a woman who still judges your body, thoughts, ideas, attitudes, relationships and what others are doing!

People do not need to cross their boundaries and don't have to live with the boundaries of an untamed mind. A man that is in a relationship, may be dating someone who does not adore the same things he does, maybe not will have similar character traits, maybe a person has no choice...

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