Using Tarot to connect

Over the past year I have sat with the tarot journey and what I believed and still believe about the uses for these divine gifts.

The goal of the reading is for the cards you choose to connect to your higher self in the hopes that they can help bring understanding and more clarity.

I still believe that alignment and Meditation bring about these same frequencies, however I’ve come to see that just like any other healing tool tarot when used for connecting to the divine does do just that.

Bring a path for more understanding and clarity to the vibrant on your are experiencing.

So here’s what I’ve learned as the Best way to learn tarot!

What you’ll need:

1. Your Journal or a notebook

2. A Tarot Deck

3. Book: Tarot Mirror of the Soul by Gerd Zeigler

4. A Crystal for your meditation

You learn the Tarot by having repeated experiences with it.

Daily Tarot Work:

1. The Tarot Meditation listed below

2. or, sit down in the morning - pull a card & journal the meaning

1. End of Day: tie the card that you pull in the morning into the happenings of the day.

3. Work with the spreads in the back of the book or make up your own - journal all of your findings as well as the relevancy of the cards meaning to what is currently happening in your life.

- Tarot - Tarot Journaling

Tarot Meditation (read in full before beginning)

1. Sit in a Comfortable Seated Position at your Meditation Altar or somewhere where you can have your Tarot Deck in front of you. Set a crystal on top of your deck.

2. Close your eyes & focus them up at your 3rd eye space (between the eyebrows)

3. Begin breathing deeply - in through the nose, hold the breath for a moment and then breath out through the mouth

4. As you continue breathing - bring a vision of the crystal you have on top of your deck into your minds eye

1. create a conscious connection between your 3rd eye & the crystal sitting on top of your deck

2. envision a beautiful line of energy connecting your intuition to the crystal and to your deck

5. Continue breathing, in through the nose, holding the breath a moment and out through the mouth as you visualize. Affirm your beauty, power & magnificence. Affirm the power of your sacred intuition.

6. You can do this meditation for 1 minutes to 6 minutes.

7. Once you come to, shuffle your deck and pick a card.

8. Read the card in your guidebook.

Journal the meaning & your connection to it.

Below you can find a link to a crystal grid in our shop as well as other Beautiful gifts for you and your journey.

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