The Gift of Will

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Will is what we choose to do.

There are two spiritual forces. One is the creative force and the other is the mental force. Obviously, the mental force is stronger than the creative force, but both have a positive effect if used in harmony. ....

Most people choose to go the way of the will when things are not in alignment, but it is a natural process.

Everything is energy and vibrates at different frequencies.

This is hard to comprehend but it is true at the quantum level of the universe where everything literally exists as energy and vibration.

Even for us on the earth, reality exists as a form of vibration which we call solid. Our physical body is vibrating at a certain frequency which is a fraction of a cycle above us all. By now we all know that we are trying to eternally organize into form that force that is our spirit and that eventually will dissipate in the universe.

It is a process in the unfoldment of all life forms to an ever outwardly extending universe. It is from the pendent hour of our creation by the creative force that we call the Divine, at the beginning of the universe, when all energy was created in the form of vibration and all at once we understood to create form with the mind as we did then the spirit along with the three other forces joined as one to create the earth, the air, and the waters.

It is in this fifth dimension of our reality that we live today and we as of yet have no idea where we came from or where we are all going.

We have a mixed reality here on earth. Though we have samples of other dimensional realities in our science we still know nothing of where we came from or where we are all going.

Though having no idea of the true nature of our reality or the true nature of the entire universe, we believe that this is the only life form that exist here on earth and because of our belief we give meaning, purpose, and value to this reality and life in its form.

Every form we create gives us value for life in this world and the universe and form and value are so inseparable that no matter what you say, IT EXISTS, for there is no separation between form and it's function or meaning to anything outside of the universe and existence.

As we have seen above, our physical body is a blend of form and functional reality, and it is this fundamental fact that makes us call it alive.

As functional reality: our physical body not only has form, make-up and uses all the organs and systems as we do, but the fundamental energy blueprint that is the cell is live, active, and functioning every second of our existence.

The energy blueprint for the cell is the DNA, that stands isolated from the physical cell, carries the blueprint, and is compiled by the rib in the process of transmission. As the energy blueprint for the cell transfer, it finds its way to each synthesizing particle of the physical cell and into a new life form or entity, to create this new life form, is the synthesizing particle or seed, which can't be seen or detected by the scientific instruments, yet underlie the creation, and once created, life is established or designated as being real or true.

Now, this new life form knows itself not as a life form, but as acausal entity that is aware of it's oneness with all things. It's by virtue of the fact that it's alive and works together as one entity.

A holographic projection does not take several days but rather it's established instantly from the true potential of the true self as spiritual energy.

All things in the universe are united by the common factor known as consciousness or love that binds them all together in the symphony of the universal dance known as creation. Our observations of the faulty conclusions from scientists and others in their search for the Ultimate Truth have only brought more confirmation of the scientific argument.

Our observations about the separation of the branches of life are valid, we may even be able to confirm the presence of other branches, but the true nature of all things is not changed. Unity is available in every true teaching and even in some scientific texts when true observation is applied to the words in scripture and reality.

What I am saying here is our own true connection can only be found within our own vibrational creation and the open will of allowing inner peace to serve our experience through all we do is the flow of life.

The art of allowing brings us back to what makes us feel more at home in our bodies and minds.

The creation of fear, stress and anxiety is vibrationally done at a very young age and handed down for generations. As we begin to find the balance of our human nature and spirit nature, we will find our journey to flow through us as the divine creation we are intended to know and love and build.

Take a look at ALL and I mean ALL things you have in your life and ask "is this bringing me peace" sit with it and write down what comes up. Our own natural Willpower is sometimes misguided if we haven’t spent enough time listening to the balance of life and the force of energy that guides us.

Practice is Practice. Life is not perfect. Move from the inside out.



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