The Art of Sound Healing

My journey in the art of sound healing has brought beautiful healing. My first sound bath was at a small yoga studio workshop called "The Forgiveness Woekshop" I had no idea what we would do in this workshop. I only knew I had a need for forgiveness in several areas of my life. The adverstisement read so deeply to my journey of healing as a Reiki practioner that I signed up without even knowing what it was all about.

I had flown in from a trip to Miami the night before and was exhausted. Despite some resistance I arrived early enough to find myself a front row spot at the workshop. Watching the crystal sound bowls and gong being set up was exciting as I had heard and seen this before but has never expirenced on my own in person.

We began the workshop learning Kundalini Yoga mantras and Meditations after our sharing circle giving the reasons why we had come to the workshop in essence planting the seeds to open up the subconcious method of projection so we could get the messages we were wanting to open up to in our 4 hours of meditations and mantras. ( I'd learn the reasons for all of this much much later).

As I lay down at the end of the workshop to rest in the work we had done, I remember only hearing the instruction to relax and release. The Gong began to play like of force of wind that was blowing through a hurricane but had a smoothing comfort that immeditaly put me into a state of almost sleep. it played up and down tones that I could feel in deeper parts of my body than I had ever known to have. The whole thing felt like a ride into a dream that I to this day cannot recall.

I only remember waking up as if I had been put under anesthesia breifly and coming back into my body feeling a sense of new. What I felt wasnt something my sober mind understood. A sense of peace that imbodied my every being. The journey had penetrated my emotional body and for someone who had an intense life journery of trauma related expierneces. I was hooked.

I took my own journey to learn how to use these modalities in my reiki and meditaiton sessions. Taking course after course until I was comfortable giving this blissful feeling back to the community I was connected to in an effort to continue to support healing on all levels to the people I came in contact with.

Sound bath meditation quiets the brain, and in the stillness, you may get inspired, come up with new ideas, or undergo spiritual breakthroughs. A sound bath is a meditative session where gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, and other instruments are used to produce frequencies that are calming and that will help you feel a sense of relaxation and inner peace.

I now offer the art of healing and learning to play these beautiful ancient tools online.

Want to learn the art of sound healing and how to use these for yourself and others?

Check out this and other online course I am offering here

The Art of Sound Healing

This Course is designed to walk you through all aspects of Crystal bowl, Gong  and other Sound Healing Modalities for playing for yourself and in a group setting.

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