Healing through Crystals, Singing Bowls and Gong bath Meditations

When you practice or use these wonderful healing tools stress, unhappiness, feelings of lack, motion and more are soon relieved. Your energy status, your zest for life increases.

You also develop focus and attention placed upon your meditations. "Nothing really ever happens" is taken as a given. These mind--changers" offer us the possibility of tuning into the mind--moving meditation into our daily lives. They help us to stay in the meditative flow or frequency, to find a way to help get us out of the routines of life, and to get us feeling that who we are is much more than what we think or doing. They end up revealing deeply personal aspects of our nature that we are afraid to access. Sometimes these aspects are crying out for our attention and help.

One of the ways you can use the powerful healing energies of stones, wood and plants, to bring profound healing benefits to yourself and others is to use them in your healing sessions. For example, when you are suffering from a loss or feeling low, you can use a crystal which will transmute the energy within you, bringing a upliftment and increased vibration. By feeling a stone's energy, we open the third eye, allowing the metaphysical and holistic aspects of ourself to seep to the surface. Emotions such as grief, sadness, fear, anger, wedge, despair, guilt and loneliness also resonate within with the stones. In quieting the mind, the stones have a way of assisting.

They cleanse and clear the energies, assisting the process of emotional and mental healing. Various types of crystal have different capacities and properties, enabling their user to experience them in slightly different ways. by knowing the power and intent of each, you can choose the right stone for the job at hand. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and you will know which stone is the perfect addition to your healingcasts, Rather than another in the same space.

When placing crystals in a healing ceremony, the most important thing to consider is how the crystal will work with your personally and with your group. Much in the same way that people arrive at an understanding on how to use a amenity, or a tool, in a healing ceremony, it is the personal bond you have with the crystal. After all, a healing ceremony is meant to be used by you, and not by others words, nor looks, norollipsis. A healing ceremony utilizes the energy of the sun, the moon and the other planets, as well as the earth, to work wonders. The stones selected should be ones that have something to do with your personal growth, goals or desires.

Remember, the more personal your ceremony, ceremony and or ritual, the greater the potential empowering the crystal with your own personal energy.

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