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Last week I was invited to be a speaker with sovereign woman movement Summit which kicks off this week. As more details come out, this event just keeps getting better and better - you won’t want to miss it!

I’m so excited to tell you about the @SovereignWomanMovement Summit. The goal for this summit is different than most.

Not only will you hearing from trailblazing women walking in their truth and helping other women take their sovereignty back, but you will be integrating many self-healing methods, and changing your emotional state of being.

For 3 days, 12/19-12/21, the @SovereignWoman Movement is bringing you presentations from 15 speakers, holistic healing industry experts who have found ways to Self heal and live sovereign lives.

. You’ll hear about everything from kundalini yoga, sound healing, following your life purpose, and running a global empire.


You’re going to hear from me on ​Maat Ka & Adi Shakti Meditation for Vitality

Maat (Truth-Righteousnes-Justice-Balance) Ka(Spirit) is about Harmonizing Spirit with the Universe, and universal forces. 

MAAT KA opens the energy channels and allows for the flow of life force through the body which in turn corrects imbalances in the body and activate the self healing ability we all possess. 

Kemetic Yoga refers to a holistic spiritual system of self-development created by the sages of ancient Egypt.

Kemetic yoga is understanding of our connection to the spirits of our ancestors and the true nature of Divine Universal Forces(Deities properly called Neteru).(Yoga Skills) It is a meditative, slow and passive practice, emphasizing the four point breathing method. 

Through geometric progression and intentional breath control, we move and circulate life force, strengthen the respiratory system, activate the circulatory, parasympathetic nervous system, thyroid and glandular system.

The cultivation of practice is an internal tune up, of stretching, lengthening, releasing, and deepening. In our breath we are grounded, cleansed and restored for a new day.

You’ll also hear from some of my friends,

These presentations are totally free to you for the first hours as long as you’re registered. ​Click here to get your free ticket!

You can also get your hands on the VIP Sovereignty All Access Pass for only $99! With it you’ll get :

-Pre Summit Workshop on Healing Ancestral Karma

-Post SUmmit workshop on HEaling the MOTHER WOUND

-One Month Complimentary Membership to Satori an online community for women taking their sovereignty back by integrating holistic self-healing energy methods and metaphysics.

-Free Ebook Healing your 5 Deepest Wounds

-Lifetime Replays to all of the Presentations for the 3 days

. ​Check it out here!​ https://www.veronicabarraganiam.com/a/39330/5VbQq7yZ

I can’t wait to see you at the summit and to hear your favorite takeaways.

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