Happy New year!

As we move forward into this New Year, we have the opportunity to let go and to look forward. To step more fully into a new beginning of self-love, understanding, forgiveness, healing, compassion and knowledge. As I sit and contemplate this past year I can see all of the beautiful lessons that this breakdown has held for us and I can see a clear choice for moving through and bringing awareness to our own hearts for healing. No matter how this year has impacted you, this offering of a New Year presents us all with an opportunity to see in a new way.

We are powerful beings that are co-creators of our reality. I encourage you during this time of beginnings, reflections & contemplations to investigate your own heart. What are we filling our minds and our hearts with on a daily basis? What information are we inviting into our inner sanctuary? Is it words and images of hope, love & faith or ones of fear, anger & division? We are the only ones that can choose for ourselves and our greatest indicator is how we are feeling. We can let go and move into this New Year with clarity and love. You get to choose how you take in the lessons of 2020. You get to choose how you step forward into 2021. You get to choose. The still quiet voice of love is within us all, patiently waiting for us to choose Surrender and Trust to experience the promise of Freedom and Peace.

You are loved and supported in ways your mind could never imagine. This year...choose you. This is the greatest gift you could ever give to this world. Your own healing...your own awakening. Ignite the fire of love within your own heart, it is the greatest work that you will ever do.

As my offering for you I have a Chakra Alignment Meditation for you to enjoy. Listen here Ahttps://youtu.be/uWJo6agaVuc

I love you all and hold a deep sense of gratitude in my heart for you and your journey.

Many blessings,


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