Full Moon in Virgo- Feel to heal

February 27, 2021 - Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo - (Water, Earth) Full Snow Moon! The moon peaked last night at 12:17 am PST / 3:17 am EST in the sign of Virgo. It was big, bright and powerful. The energy of Virgo reminds us the importance of self-care and the immense power of the small acts we do each day to take care for our bodies, our families and our world. Gently release today whatever has been draining your energy. What have you been carrying, chasing or pushing away? Can you welcome it home, sit with it, feel it and let it move through you? Surrender into self-love and trust and ground into your core, your heart, your deepest sense of self to let the waves of life wash over you, returning each time to the deepest expanse of your heart. Use this breathing exercise to drop into your body and alchemize your pain and the pain of the world into pure loving awareness: ~ Find a comfortable seated position either on the floor or in a chair with feet firmly on the floor. ~ Lengthen your spine and take 3 - 5 deep breaths in through the nose and out your mouth. ~ Bring your hands to hakini mudra in front of your heart. Bring fingertips together and create a ball of space in between. ~ Visualize holding the Earth in this space between your hands, in front of your heart. ~ Now sip in your breath, focus on whatever your pain is in this moment. Sip the breath into your heart. ~ Exhale this pain as pure loving awareness out through your heart and hands - surrounding the Earth with radiant purple light. ~ Continue breathing and focusing on different aspects of the pain in the world. Each time you exhale sending out that loving awareness. ~ You are the alchemist turning pain into love through your own awareness. ~ End by lying down on your back with both hands on your heart. Relax your body into the Earth and surrender into a sea of self-love and trust. May the diamond of your mind rest in the lotus of your heart! Trust in the divine wisdom of your body and the Earth to heal itself! And so it is!

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