Drop Into The Untethered Space

How often are you fully dropped in to the present moment? If you are anything like me, you are present-ish sometime of the time. How often to do notice what the ground feels like beneath your feet? Can you feel the weight of your body pressing in to the earth? Can you feel the temperature of your surroundings on your skin? See the vibrancy of color in everything around you? If noticing those things are few and far in between chances are, you are not sitting fully present and grounded in to your current awareness.

When we are fully present focusing our attention on the here and now, it allows us the insight and benefits to fully experience our current life! We are tapping in to an energetic space that is attached to Infinite Universe...Not a limited space driven from our ego. We have the option to create without the boundaries of what we "think" would be amazing, but instead creating from unlimited possibilities delivered directly from source. Our soul is the creator, not our mind. Let your soul give you the answers with little effort from your human side, but in order to hear our soul we have to be attached to it. When the soul speaks it's gentle guidance, without timelines, restrictions, needs, must have's, it's just guidance plain and simple. Being completely engulfed in the here and now shows us happiness because HERE and NOW our soul is fine, happy, peaceful, and very much alive!

Open avenues of abundance- What are mind tells us would be lush abundant life, doesn't hold a candle to what the divine has in store for us. Being free and open to hear messages takes you to that magical place of "your souls destiny" "your souls purpose" "The authenticity of your soul" When the emphasis is on what will happen next, we miss what is here in front of us. If we miss what is here in front of us, we miss important details, links, sprinkles to enhance our life. We move on to the next phase with half of what is truly meant for us, and this slows down our journey. Feel your soul, hear your soul, let your soul do the work.

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