Comes From a Place of Love

This term gets thrown around often, but what does in really mean? Our soul IS love, our soul only knows life through high vibration energy. When the soul speaks, the words are factual and love based. Our ego exerts emotional based responses that are derived from old patterns, past pain or trauma and opinions. Letting the soul do the talking will keep you in a responsive state, responding when it’s necessary. Most of the time we will find ourselves in a space where we don’t respond at all! Instead we choose awareness, fully acknowledging what is going on around us and deciding to leave it right there.

How do we trust what our soul is saying? Most of us can say that we have all experienced a situation that has caused us to find it difficult to trust ourselves and our “knowing” We know something to be true yet we believe the audible words that are coming out of another person’s mouth instead of what we feel. As we hear the false truth our body instantly reacts, then our mind receives the messages, but automatically begins to doubt the messages because the person is telling us otherwise. Your body never lies, and energy doesn’t lie.

How many times have you experienced a situation where you knew the answer from the beginning yet still chose to go against what your soul was telling you? You lost time, energy, you may have had your heart broken, felt deceit firsthand, been taken advantage of, so many things! “Comes from a place of love” does not mean that you let people walk all over you, it’s actually opposite. Being aware of how a situation feels right off the bat, and trusting your soul when it is telling you to take a closer look, or to address the situation… Then addressing the situation from a calm factual standpoint. Honor yourself, trust yourself, and listen to how your body responds to a situation. Your soul is ALWAYS right, and what you feel is the correct answer.

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