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As we are all on our computers and phones more than ever before, let the yoga practice be a break from that, and an exercise in listening. That’s where our audio only led yoga classes called Perfect Practice.

We understand still wanting to be led - and we encourage self-practice where you can listen to your own bodies guidance without awkwardly looking at a screen. These are the classes for that.

$15$ unlimited monthly access access to the library with over 100 recorded classes between April - November 2020.

These classes sprang from the stay at home order of 2020 and have a variety of flavors - from length of time, to more chanting to less chanting, to extra breathing practices included or not, to little mistakes I may make in instruction or if I sneeze or laugh, or take a sip of water.

Sometimes I offer a spiritual theme and sometimes not. I let these classes flow out of the present moment, from my years of study, from my personal practice, and through my voice into your ears and onto your mat. 

Being with you in the broad spectrum of what it means to be human and how we enter that experience through the tools of yoga.

I love music so much, but sometimes the sound of our breath and the simplicity of the instructions is enough.

There is so much noise in the world, it is helpful to also contribute to the quiet, and reconnect with our own personal access to the wisdom that arises when we do simplify. When we, simply listen. 


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