Ascended Master - St Germain and the Elements - Water and Wind

Alchemy is the ability of changing or altering base metals into gold. Ascended Master St Germain represents the elemental forces of the four elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth and is the Ascended Master who brings the highest freeing vibrational frequency to the physical realm.

Using the violet flame, his chjudges, he lifts the veil between the Realm of Spirit and the physical realm by destroying all separation and illusion.

Where there is only service to the Divine Narcissus begins to unfold into the Realm of Spirit. The elemental formed from the four elements exist in their refined form or metal form on the differing planes of Spirit.

Air is the element for communication and the voice.

Fire brings forth the ability to create and to grow.

Water instills compassion and life-giving strength.

Earth provides growth and opportunity to create anew.

Within the Fire Element is the element of opportunity and the freeing process from the bondage of ego.

To invoke the element of fire use the following affirmation: "I am now calling upon all of the elements to make itself present on earth and to cleanse this plane of all negativity and all that does not serve my higher good and that of my Higher Self.

With the power of the element of Fire I request that all beings upon the earth plane now acknowledge and bring clarity, discernment, compassion, authenticity and unconditional love to the path that I am now walking upon.

I ask that all hearts are open to this request and that my request be made through Goddess and then through all of the evoke Crafts, so that all hearts are touched upon." Alchemy is synonymous with change, transformation, moving beyond the constraints of the known and accepting the Unseen.

In the Fire Element we see this process clearly. Those who are called to follow the path of alchemy are made stronger as the essence of Fire takes them to the place of transformation. We see a part of ourselves; our Self, the way in which we know Self. There is an embracing of one's inner nature.

As we allow this process to unfold it brings freedom and a profound sense of renewal.

The Violet Flame transforms and expresses the qualities of the virtues of love, compassion, generosity, humility, peace, harmony and serenity. The violet ray embraces and transmutes these qualities moving us from the realm of polarity into the realm of unification and returning to our true nature.

As you experience the Violet Flame in its pure state our collective consciousness begins to change its expression.

Pure unaltered fire has no color. Fire's all color is the all loving light energy that unites all things.

So as the Violet Flame purifies our physical experience we see it with the END OF THE WORLD in mind. END times are a promise of things to come as we know them and as they unfold.

The Violet Flame Stars are aspects of those stars we connect to now, as they grace our earthly existence each day. The Violet Flame burns as a cleansing and purifying energy making it safe to tolerate all of the earth's robotic exteriors. We put the automatic functions aside and ask the core of our highest self to take its place and be our own friend and guide.

It is in this place of aloneness to the world around us that we find our True Self.

The gift of the Violet Flame is an awakening of our soul that happens in our daily life through perfect understanding of the present moment. The Violet Flame burns with the power of the spirit making it safe to shed the awareness of man and mind in its transformation.

The spirit indeed has the call which the Violet Flame represents. It promises us perfect wisdom with the invitation to bring back the magic of our spiritual selves into our everyday life. The Violet Flame provides us with the form to embody our own perfection so we can fly in our own minds.

OUR moons are made of the things we do not yet understand or believe.

THEY ARE torch passageways into the what is and what was. Its work to show us the truth of our beliefs in our own time, not ours, but its time to accept and develop our own divinity. Fear threats our ability to fly, our connection to the divine, and to trust in the wisdom of the true self.

As our awareness of the Violet Flame increases our own vibrations and frequencies, our ability to stay in the body increases and our ability to work with our divinity increase dramatically. Over time we might come to think of the frequency of the Violet Flame as the Violet Flame but recognize it as something altogether different and ever present in our lives.

To recognize the cleansing wonderful qualities of the Violet Flame would be something wonderful in itself in our lives.

The Violet Flame has the ability to bring us back to pure light quickly in order to ground and release any aspect of non-acceptance or harm

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