11 Moon Centers

Do you ever feel like an emotional yoyo? One day you feel powerful, like you could accomplish anything, and the next day you feel insecure and unsure of yourself?

You are not crazy.

Yogiji gave us a useful understanding and technology to deal with these natural fluctuations: the ancient yogic teachings on the Eleven Moon Centers of the Woman.

The eleven Moon Centers are sensitive physical areas on the woman’s body which are responsive to lunar energies and affect how she deals with her everyday life.

These Centers activate in her body in a 28-day cycle, for 2 ½ days at each location in the body. The sequence varies with each woman, but unless there is an emotional shock, it remains constant in her. The Moon Centers do not coincide with her menstrual cycle or zodiacal mood cycle. If a woman is sensitive to her body and emotional tendencies, she can be aware of and predict her own Moon Center cycle. Woman’s emotions will fluctuate as the Moon Centers change.

Charting the Moon Centers

If you watch your diet, practice yoga and meditation, and maintain a positive attitude, you can observe your emotional tendencies at each Moon Center and not be a victim to them. You can study them to better understand your personality and then use them for your benefit. An added benefit is that stimulating your active Moon Center can be very sensually erotic in love-making.

Some women can sense which Moon Center is active without help. Except for the cheeks and navel, they are too subtle for me. I use a pendulum;[1] some people like using muscle-testing. If you don’t know how to do this, find someone to help you who does know.

It can be very useful to keep a journal of your experiences in each Moon Center. Not every woman will be exactly the same. What I described are just tendencies. Yours may be slightly different. Do this with a friend or group. It could be a fun email support group; compare experiences. You can share this information with other women and with men as well if you like.

Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D.

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