You’ll be instructed to lie down, fully clothed. They may drape a light blanket over your body and play soft, meditative music to help you relax. There’s generally no talking during the session (you’re supposed to be relaxing!) but you can speak to your practitioner if you have questions or feel any discomfort.

The practitioner may lightly touch your body or simply hover their hands above you.

Some people have reported feeling tingling, heat, light sensations, and visions of color, memories, or other images appearing during their session. Try not to ascribe any meaning to what you feel or don’t feel. Your experience may change as you try more sessions.

How to prepare for a session

Prepare for relaxation! Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. You may wish to try meditating before your session or otherwise clearing your mind. Don’t wear any jewelry or perfume that may distract you. And definitely leave the phone at home, or at the very least, on silent.

What to expect after a session

Every experience is unique, so be open to whatever arises for you after your session. You may feel energized and happy, or you may feel fatigued and need a nap. Most people do report feeling calm and clear-headed afterward.

Always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated before and after your session

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments you wish to receive depends on what you hope to get out of your sessions. Your best bet is to discuss your goals with your practitioner to determine how many sessions and how often is right for you. Traditionally, most reiki practitioners suggest at least four sessions to get the most benefit and to adjust to the practice.


Is reiki right for you? Only you can answer that question. Some people swear by reiki; others could take it or leave it. The good news is that it literally can’t hurt to try reiki.

Reiki provides another option for alternative therapy and has been used to great effect when complimenting medical treatments for pain, fatigue, anxiety, or depression. While the jury is still out on whether reiki truly does heal the body, research does show that reiki offers a positive effect on those who practice it.